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Summary of Results for REAL Kids Alberta 2014

  • Obesity rates reached 8.1% in 2014, an increase from the 7.3% observed in 2012. The prevalence of overweight (incl. obese) reached 28.4% in 2014.
  • Only 30% of grade 5 students consumed the number of daily servings of fruits and vegetables recommended by the Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide.  
  • In 2012, only one third of students in Alberta met the daily recommended physical activity guideline of 13,500 steps per day.  Step count data is not available for 2014.
  • In Alberta, students are spending increasingly more time in sedentary activities including watching TV, and playing computer or video games. 
  • In 2014, students report using the computers outside of school hours for an average of 45.5 minutes per day.  Time spent outside of school hours watching TV, playing video games and using a tablet is reported to be, on average, 66.1 minutes, 54.6 minutes, and 65.8 minutes per day.